Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby Isaac is HERE!!!!

As the days hazily pass us by I realize I should be getting some of these stories, thoughts, and feelings down to look back on one day. Because heaven knows I'm not going to remember :-) That's why when people ask what it's like to have a new baby at home everyone answers "really those first few weeks are a blur" So please excuse the lack of pictures, although I'll try and get some on here from my phone. The ones on my camera... well those will be staying put for a while.

Birth story is a story of it's own and one I've told a few times so I'll come back to that.

Baby Isaac was born Sunday, December 4th, 2011 at 3:46am. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 1 oz and measuring 20.5 inches long. He has unusually large feet :-) that barely fit on the footprint paper they use in the hospital.

Sunday morning two or so hours after he arrived we were taken to our room in the BirthPlace. It was so confusing since it was dark out and 7:00... and felt like 7pm but it was indeed 7am. The hospital was nice to just recover in, bleed on their bed, order up food when we were hungry. But what we didn't like was getting walked in on ever chance we tried to catch some shut eye. We had some amazing nurses, all who were lactation certified. The first nurses to help baby Isaac breastfeed felt to 'man handle' me and him a little... but it was all in good health and it helped him learned. He didn't feed right out of the birth canal, it wasn't really until 11am that they got him latching on (forcefully) he was kinda like "WTH is this" ;-)

then the next feeding he was more like "oh okay so this is a regular thing"

by the third feeding he was "give me more!"

Needless to say he was a good eater. In the hospital they tell you how many wet/black diapers to expect... first day: one of each. Isaac's tally: FOUR of each! We were thinking what the heck is going on?!? But they just kept saying "Oh that's great! He's eating good then" Sunday night we had our first 'non-staff' visitors (I work in the hospital I delivered in, had one co-worker come visit and the nurses from labor and delivery come up to see as us well). Michelle and Enoch came to see us. We had our first peed on diaper change during their visit, weren't they lucky to witness this :-)

Monday we were tired... the night seemed long with them coming to check on us. It seemed like as soon as we'd get baby Isaac sleeping hard enough to put him in his bassinet next to us someone would come in. He was taken out of the room once, I was okay with this since it was four in the morning and he was sleeping anyway. they took him to do the tests they do after the 24 hour mark: hearing screening (which is just a little ear plug they put in their ear - I've seen it done on kids many of times and they like for them to be quiet (sleeping) during this), heel poke to draw labs for metabolic testing, and also a jaundice test they run on their forehead. Well turns out that forehead jaundice reading as a little high so they checked his blood - only one heel poke, that second test just added in. His blood jaundice reading came back normal.

Monday we were ready to leave, I was seen by the midwife and she gave me the okay as long as the pediatrician gave Isaac that okay to go home. Which he did, but since we were leaving 'early' and he had a high jaundice reading he wanted us to go to our pediatrician on Wednesday to get it rechecked. We were okay with that.

As zombies we got all loaded up, put Isaac in his car seat (for the first time!!!!) and was on our way. we arrived to the hospital= no snow; we leave hospital=4 or so inches on the ground - snow that will stay until March.

Monday evening we were blessed enough by Michelle, when she dropped Harpo off that morning she also left a crock pot of goodness going and bread in the bread maker. It smelt amazing!!! We are so blessed for great friends!

Honestly I'm already forgetting that night.... we unpacked and took care of Isaac I assume... nothing too exciting.

I'm going to try and remember as much as I can. Baby Isaac is such a good sleeper the first few days were basically just getting used to having him home and feeding, changing him then holding him while he slept :-) it was SO EASY! ;-)

Tuesday we did have a poop catastrophy, lol. He did not like getting his diaper changed. So we decided if we change it when we switch boobs - mid feeding, then after the second boob feed he'd be sleepy and go right back to sleep... well the first time we tried this we caught him mid-poop. Covered him back up and waiting til he finished. Not sure why this didn't serve as warning because we tried it again... except this time it was a LOT more poop and then he started spitting up as well! Our laughing turned to crying (well I was) because of too much bodily secretions! We learned NOT to change him mid feedings and either do it before or well after a feeding, lol. He also got a little crusty eye this day and daddy quickly determined it was a blocked tear duct and to massage the nose to help work it out (today, Thursday, no crusties so he was right!) Kyle has been an amazing daddy so far! He has really helped us out as I am just a milk factory. Kyle has become the burp factory as well :-) I love my family!

Okay before I start crying again lets try and get these other days out so I can take a nap!

Wednesday was the outing day, we needed to get to the pediatrician, and while we were out I needed to run into target to get some other nursing bras/tanks. We fed right before, Isaac slept all the way there and was such a good boy during the appointment. Weighing in at 7 lbs 13 oz. He didn't get his jaundice (heel poke) re-checked because she said he looked great. At this point he did have a little rash forming on his chin (but again today, Thursday no rash)

We then drove across the road to Target... boy did I feel like a zombie and why was it so CROWDED!! Walked was a little rough as I was quite sore. Since it was nursing bras, I had to go since Kyle wouldn't be able to pick it out. So Kyle stayed in the car, Isaac was pretty sleeping if not asleep at this point. I ran in got: oranges, pads, nursing bra, two nursing tanks, fruit snacks (craving), and a NEW bed for Isaac! So the story behind that is we had a pack and play upstairs we bought many moons ago, that he would sleep in while up in our room since our room is upstairs in the half story. Well we put him in it the first night and it just did not seem comfortable. It wasn't a complete loss as it is a travel pack and play that we will get much use out of in the future just not now. So we purchased a Rock and Play that I had heard great things about. They had ONE boy one left! There were about 7 butterfly ones and no plain ones left in the section... I was hoping to be lucky so I looked through the butterfly ones just incase and found one plain one. Thank you Lord!!!

We came home, rested, hung out, don't really remember the rest. Kyle read some articles for school, I cleaned the upstairs (not sure why but it was on my mind) Got Isaac set up in his rock and play. He is such a good sleeper!! OH I remember now, our friends Rachel & Nick came over and brought us dinner! Such wonderful friends!!

Wednesday night went awesome, we got a routine down (for this one night I assume) but the rock and play was awesome. Isaac had started spitting up Wednesday as my milk was coming in and the rock and play helped to keep him elevated enough that spitting up wasn't as bad. he still did once after each feeding. But Thursday morning I felt refreshed getting roughly 4 hours of sleep (obviously not all at once) there isn't really much for Kyle to do during the night since it's just feeding, changing a diaper, and putting him back in his bassinet so I let Kyle sleep. One of us might as well get a good nights rest and he also had class the next night and I didn't want him to be miserable during that.

Today! Yeah I made it I'm trucking through this I just want to get it out before I forget :-P
Today was a little rougher, meaning Isaac didn't just sleep the whole day. He is spitting up like I said so we are trying to be good about keeping him elevated well after a feeding, I've switched to just doing one boob at a feeding and he seems to increase his feedings now that I look at our log. We also broke out the cloth diapers today, just for fun ;-) but that meant more changes since he can feel the wetness more (which is a good thing because it's crazy how long a disposable can stay on - not good really. And we dirtied a lot more laundry with the spit ups. But we're just going to have to deal because that's how it is. he's still a very happy baby, I feel bad when he's crying because he needs to burp or poop or fart or spit up :-(

Honestly today I feel like he has gotten bigger. We have an OB nurse coming for a home visit tomorrow (it's free when you leave the hospital before the 48 hr mark, YES!) She'll weigh him and just see how things are going with us, although when they called today it was pretty much a visit that covered everything anyway.

I didn't nap today, last nights good rest could be deceiving, we'll see how tonight goes. Oh Kyle left for class tonight, the first time he's away. We miss him! Another friend, Brandi, brought over some dinner tonight, we are so blessed.

We also learned today that Isaac loves music and books! Wait yesterday we learned he loves books! But today he was fussy after a feeding because of this whole spitting up, so I laid him down in his crib to get my K'Tan sling on to put him in (which he is in right now as I type all this up) I hit the little music button on the mobile my brother loaned us, it was classical music. I start putting the sling on and I look down and he's SLEEPING! haha. Since then I turn on the music when I do his diaper change and he seems to enjoy the change more, he even went through a whole one without crying. Oh yeah and we put a binder under the changing pad to help it be a little more elevated, I think that helps too.

Alright that's our update through Day 5. We better get our rest as tomorrow is a big day. Home health nurse visit then family photos! Megan is coming to the house to do newborn pictures.

Oh I do have one other picture uploaded on the computer. It's of his beautiful long eyelashes!

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Tish said...

He is beautiful! I'm glad you are settling in and everything is going smoothly.

Isaac will amaze you every day.


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