Monday, June 27, 2011

Side project that came up

So the first weekend of June when we were sitting at my brothers, I had a thought. Kyle and I were sitting with Alyson at the breakfast table in Brad's kitchen. I was thinking about how it was nice to just sit at a little table, informally eating breakfast with the kids. And then I thought about the cabinet and counter in our kitchen that is really just a junk collector. Granted I did have things stored in the cabinets: phone books, nutrition books & logs, cook books, and one cabinet designated for Harpo stuff. All of which could find a new home somewhere else.

You may remember a LONG time ago in this post, my brother suggested that we paint that contraption white. Because it first looked liked this:

kitchen painted 2

{a little intermission note: when I first started my blog I was posting pictures via the blogger website, about June 2009 I began to post via Flickr... well all my pictures posted through blogger got lost. I spent all last week updated ALL those old posts to add the missing pictures. It was fun going back through pictures of the house of what it was like when we first moved in. We've come a LONG way! It's really starting to come together. After our basement project, we only have the kitchen and bathroom remodels then this will be a completely different house from when we first moved in! the only photos I haven't got around to replacing are my honeymoon posts. I did the first day, but there are a LOT of pictures missing. I'll get around to it eventually, hopefully before the baby comes in November. Although maybe that'll be a good project while I'm home with the baby this winter :-) }

Okay so that's what it did look like before we painted it white a year or so ago. We were wanting to get it out before the dumpster came so we could add it to the dumpster. But I thought "I'd like to try and post it to craigslist first instead of just throwing it away" the green in me always wants to be heard. So I did.

And within 40 minutes I had 20 emails!!! Gesh! We ended up getting rid of it that night. And it left a not so pretty spot... which I expected.
kitchen counter gone

And wall paper AGAIN, which I expected.
wallpaper kitchen

A while ago in THIS post I talked about all the wall paper I had to remove in the kitchen!

Now it looks like:
kitchen after

I'm really happy that it only took two coats to get it matching. (we ALWAYS keep our paint so we have extras for times like this) We plan to get a little round table with three chairs and drop leaf sides so one side can be flat and pushed against the wall while the other side is still rounded. We aren't in any real rush to get it as we have MANY other things on our list to do :-)

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