Monday, June 27, 2011

Basement Before

Last October, when the idea came up that we wanted to re-do our basement I got some 'before' pictures. At this time we were mainly using it as our workout space. When we lived in the apartments we had a YMCA membership, when we bought the house we needed to cut back $$ as much as possible and purchased a lot of workout equipment off of craigslist, or got it free. Well last fall we joined LA Fitness because we could work it back into our budget. Since then we've sold all our workout stuff on craigslist again (pretty much for what we bought it at!)

Here is the layout of our before basement:
basement before

Hopefully this can kinda help you guide through these photos, I know it's kinda hard to wrap your head around if you've never physically stood in our basement.

Going downstairs to the basement
oct10 before 1

looking at north wall
oct10 before 3

Standing at bottom of stairs (doorway) looking northwest
oct10 before 6

standing in north west corner looking east
oct10 before 7

looking at south wall
oct10 before 8

I did not put any picture of our laundry room and furnace area as we do not plan to finish that area.

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