Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting caught up {project 52}

Well I think it's about time to get caught up with my project 52 photos. There were a few that I was holding off on for obvious reasons :-)

Photo 11
11_52 positive
March 14th I took the first pregnancy test (the top one) then the following morning I took the second! SQUEEEE!

I haven't announced on facebook yet, so please do not post anything on my wall, thanks!

Photo 20
20_52 sewing cloth diaper
I have sewed quite a few cloth diapers in preparation for the baby, I got some 'practice' (ugly) fabric to start with and will get some nicer funner prints once we find out what it is we're having!

Photo 21
21_52 Happy Harpo after a walk
I can't remember if I posted this one yet or not, but this was after a nice long walk to the local Pet Salon to get Harpo's nails trim. He loves walks, poor fellow doesn't get too many, I should really be better about that!

Photo 23
We made a trip home to Missouri for my High School Reunion. I had so many favorites, but just going on photo characteristics I choose this one :-)

Photo 24
24/52 duckling
Since I haven't been running in the mornings with Sally I have missed seeing all my duck families. (with softball and working out running is taking a backseat until softball is over) Kyle and I searched for baby ducks the weekend we went to the nature center. I was so happy to see this lone fellow when we went to the zoo!


Tish said...

YAY!!! Congratulations!

Leslie said...

How wonderful Daisy!! I am VERY excited for you!! Congrats!!

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