Monday, June 27, 2011

Basement Demo

We took all the knotty pine wood paneling off and gave that away on craigslist (gotta love craigslist!) I didn't capture any pictures with the paneling off. There was more white paneling behind it, which was nailed to drywall, that was glued to the cement blocks.

One night while I was working, Kyle had a friend come over to help carry the couch and the treadmill upstairs, since those were two heavy things I couldn't carry (we got rid of all the other workout stuff on craigslist like I mentioned in my earlier post). One thing lead to another and they ended up getting all the demo'ing done that night!

Wait let me back up. So Kyle and Enoch demo'd the end of May. Beginning-mid May we had some contractors out to take a look and begin the process. Kyle had planned to demo it all from the beginning, but then we got to thinking about where were we going to put it and did he really want to do all that work? Well to save $1000 he decided he'd just do it himself (with the help of wonderful friends of course) so we looked up dumpster costs. The contractor we decided to go with said he'd just roll the dumpster cost into our project as he could get a better deal on them anyway. Since we didn't want a huge one to kill the grass during the length of the project (2 months) we decided to just get a 15 yd dumpster for a weekend - and Kyle would load it up with the remains. Then our contractor would get a smaller one that could go in the backyard patch of grass that is just weed anyway to have there during the actual project. This was a good idea and we decided to go with it. So Kyle went ahead and prepared the basement so all that was left was taking all the scraps to the dumpster when it arrived.

So that leaves us to a NEW layout of:
skeleton layout

stairs going down, this is kinda what the basement looked like after the pine paneling was taken down (which I didn't get pictures of)
May11 demo 1

standing at bottom of stairs
May11 demo 2

standing at south wall, next to stairs facing northwest
May11 demo 5

standing at south wall next to west wall facing northeast
May11 demo 6

standing in northwest corner looking back to stairs
May11 demo 4

May11 demo 3

standing next to the furnace & laundry shoot facing the west wall
May11 demo 10

So that is where it all sat until this past weekend. The plan was for the dumpster to get dropped off Friday and picked up Monday. The dumpster came Friday:
dumpster drop off

But with all the rain we had the grass was pretty soft, and I was a little worried. He ended up pulling back, just enough until his tires began to hit the sidewalk. He ended up stopping and leaving. I shortly found out via our contractor, that the guy said it wasn't going to work, he was afraid he was going to break the sidewalk. Which was ALRIGHT with me! Because his tires left HUGE treads in the foot-2 foot space he had pulled back in and I didn't want my whole yard to end up like that. So plan B was to just get those bags and fill those and they should be picked up today (monday)
June11 cleanout 1

And here's our basement NOW! (sorry for the blurry-ness, I took these in a hurry)
June11 cleanout 2

June11 cleanout 3

June11 cleanout 5

June11 cleanout 6

June11 cleanout 7

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