Friday, August 13, 2010

Week 51

Wow it's the second to last week. This is going to be crazy not making myself take a picture everyday. Although I'm thinking of a new project to start... maybe a Project 52 so it's weekly not daily... easier to handle :-)
Week 51 blogsize

#351: Patty's Purse: Sunday we also had a lunch in the same hall. This is my 1st cousin once removed, Patty from New York. I got to know her and her family really well when I lived in NY for a year. It was so great to see them all again!!!

#352: Amazing Sunset: Monday was a long drive home. Since Josh rode down with me, we stopped in Iowa and broke up the trip a bit. I did the whole drive in one day (like we usually do) but this time I was alone. Even if I don't have Kyle with me I always have Harpo - but not this trip. At least I was welcomed back to Minnesota with a beautiful sunset!!

#353: Harpo: It was so great to see Harpo again (and Kyle!) Harpo was very lovey dovey, here he is just beggin for a belly rub, lol.

#354: Star Trails: In our attempt to see the northern lights, I took some star trail shots. This is done by just leaving your shutter open as long as possible. I pointed toward the north star (which appears to not spin) and set my camera up and left it. My camera can only handle having the shutter open for 18 minutes, maybe if I tried it will film it would be able to handle longer exposure times...? It's still super fun to do!

#355: State Fair Submission: I wanted to get a picture of the photo and frame that I was submitting to the state fair. I had to take it that day to be judged. Unfortunately I am going to pick it up this weekend because it wasn't picked. I'm not too heart broken since I knew going into it last year 2500 some were entered and only about 330 of those were chosen. I just knew if it was picked I would be super happy :-) They do have an exhibit for all the rejects to enter in the fall... maybe I'll submit it again to that!

#356: Plant Growth: We got this little plant for Kyle's study corner a while ago and one day I looked over and noticed these crazy sprouts coming up. I can't believe how big they are!!! It's rather amazing to watch the little fern leaves uncoil as it grows.

#357: Lily Pad: Saturday we parked our car at Lake Calhoun and walked over to uptown for the Uptown Art Fair. Boy was it HOT! Not much of an enjoyable time at the fair because it was so crowded. But it was nice walking along the lake and seeing lily pads, baby ducks, and wind surfers.

Happy Summer!

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