Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here Piggie Piggie

Last Friday, on our way south to a state park for a weekend of camping (that blog coming up) we were driving down the highway when we passed a pig truck!!!!! Of course when I looked over to see this:
piggies 3

I hollard at Kyle "slow down slow down, I need to take some pictures!!! They are SOOOO CUTE!"
piggies 2

And they were just the cutests little things ever!!!! One of them would make such good friends with Harpo!
piggies 4

This is my FAVORITE! Isn't he darling!
piggie 1


Ali said...


I think this is my favorite post of yours so far. So. freaking. cute.

Daisy said...

Thanks Ali! I just love the last photo, they were all so stinkin' cute I could have cried, lol. There were SO MANY of them, I wish I would have gotten a zoomed out shot to show how big the truck was, there were 2 or 3 layers of piggies upon piggies!!!!

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