Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bday Weekend: Saturday

Last weekend we celebrated my birthday. Since it fell on a Monday we decided to do the fun stuff Saturday and Sunday.

364 uptown cafeteria breakfast
We went out for breakfast at our new favorite breakfast spot: Uptown Cafeteria up on their rooftop seating.

roof view 1 roof view 3 roof view 2
When we pulled up in front we thought maybe the rooftop seating was closed since we didn't see anyone in there. It was still early and all the hungover uptowners weren't out yet, lol. But when we went in to ask about sitting up there she informed us we were welcome to - but that the elevator wasn't working and we'd have to take the back stairs. This did not stop us since the whole point of us going there for breakfast was to sit on the roof! And actually we even got a little behind the scenes tour, surprised that they don't have public stairs - you'd think it'd be a fire hazard or something. Anyway we were the first ones up there, but eventually people started making their way up.

These are both HORRIBLE pictures of us, but I'd thought I'd share them anyway :-P
kyle breakfast

At least Kyle put sunglasses on, my face just looks ridiculous because I'm squinting so much, lol.
daisy breakfast

After breakfast we had to drive over to the State Fair Grounds to pick up my rejected piece of art, lol. While we were over in the St. Paul area I also wanted to find these two peanuts that I had on my list of ones to find. After much driving around... we FINALLY found them!!!
remember, restore, rejoice charlie brown bound to be linus

Then we headed back home, changed clothes and headed over to the beach at lake calhoun. We laid out on the beach and swam a little in the lake before heading over to a tent sale at national camera exchange :-)

For dinner we went out to Crave and had some superb sushi! My favorite, then we meet some friends at Bar Abilene for some drinks and dancing :-)

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Mom said...

i always enjoy seeing the pics of your adventures- thanks

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