Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Final Week

WOW! My Project 365 has come to an end!!!! I think I only missed 2 days out of the whole year! It's weird not having to remember to take a photo each day... I hope that doesn't cause me to not take as many pictures. Kyle and I have been brainstorming a new project... which I'm not sure if I want to start now or January.... I'll let ya know.

So since this is the last week, there are 8 photos instead of the normal 7. I had to revamp my little collage to fit in the extra guy.
Week 52 blogsize

#358: Beautiful Canoeing Day: Sunday we went canoeing with two other couples. It was a beautiful day!! Although we didn't completely escape the rain, it came to visit us as we were grilling out at the park for dinner.

#359: Last Minute Picture: I was almost asleep when I remembered I didn't take a picture for the day, for some reason Mondays and Tuesdays are the hardest days to remember to take a picture. I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of cuddly little Harpo :-)

#360: Dinner: I made a cream sauce and roasted our CSA cauliflower. Kyle grilled out chicken and we put it all over pasta, yum yum. It would have been even better if the cauliflower wasn't quite so roasted :-P

#361: Grasshopper: I saw this guy resting on our front storm door, so of course I had to grab my camera and get some pictures of him!!

#362: Harpo: Harpo is so photogenic!!

#363: CSA box 5: We picked up our 5th CSA box the night before. We didn't have time to unload it Thursday night so we did it before work on Friday. That is one crazy looking eggplant!! My goal this week is to eat it ALL!!!! *gasp* yes we have yet to actually eat everything in our box. It ends up going bad before we can eat it. The hardest thing: collard greens... really? what am I suppose to do with those?

#364: Uptown Breakfast: Saturday we had breakfast at our new favorite spot: Uptown Cafeteria. I like it because there is seating on the roof! It was such a gorgeous weekend, I wanted to be outside as much as possible!

And the final picture of my project:
#365: Target Field: What better way to end my Project 365 than a picture of the new Target Field! We went to our first game on Sunday and it was another gorgeous day!!

Happy Summer!

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