Tuesday, February 14, 2023

January: first half random

Excited to have ski's I wanted to get out on our nearby lake to ride the trails. Kyle and I bought our skis and we're renting the kids for the season. The chain of lakes has a pretty amazing trail system... when groomed. Which is normally is groomed regularly but because we had so much snow the lakes have been hard for them to maintain. Then it warmed so while the ice is super thick, the thick layer of snow made for slushy conditions on top of the lake and not good to get the groomer out to do its work. 

Anyway... okay January 8th we attended to get out with the kids. It ended up being a mess, they wanted to go back, then I got stuck cuz I took my skis off to help Thomas BIG MISTAKE the snow was up to my knees then (off the lake) and I couldn't get my ski to clip back in for the longest time. UGH. This was Sunday afternoon before our weekly ski lesson. 

Time for lessons at 3:00, got the van loaded up. It was clear we needed a better system. Later that week I ended up picking up a ski bag so we can get all the kids ski's and poles in one bag, then just Kyle and I'd skis are left out which are too long to fit in the back and we slide them in through the middle of the seats. 

Monday arrived and we were hopeful for finally a few week of school. Starting to get cold. 

I also used this chance to get out on the lake by myself. Got the kids to school and set out in the afternoon. 

The trails were in pretty rough shape, lots of frozen holes, tracked through tracks... not the best skiing conditions and took me a while to navigate. But I did make it around the whole thing. This link is cool and shows ALL the trails our annual pass has 'access' to. Even though we live on this lake and could go out anytime, technically suppose to have a pass (which we do cuz it's also required for our ski lessons). 
For example as I type this LOI (lake of the Isles) hasn't been groomed since Feb 9th - where as Theo Wirth where we do lessons at was groomed this morning. 

In other news I've been fighting the squirrels outside. They LOVE the nuts that are in the bulk birdseed I get at Costco (won't be buying that again). I put up their own feeder. This guy had some hair skinned off his back, I call him razor back. 

Saturday I worked and the family met me over in St. Paul after work for dinner. 

Emma's poor blankie in need of repair. This time we unleveled to patches. 

Sunday again, time for Skiing!

Video of Thomas skiing:

Mary let me trim her hair. 

Emma giving Harpo some love.

Thursday nights are pretty busy. Girls have gymnastics from 5-6, Isaac has basketball practice from 6-7:30 and one Thurs a week I have PTA from 6-8. But this Thursday there was a middle school talk at school that Kyle  and I wanted to both be involved in. Thankful for our friend (former nanny) who lives nearby and could pick up the girls at 6:00 from gymnastics while we shuffled around and made it to the middle school talk. Here are the girls at Emily's getting to love on her bunny. 


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