Monday, February 13, 2023

First week of January: Ski, SNOW SNOW SNOW, Skate

New Year's Day we started a new adventure. The kids are signed up for MYSL (Minnesota Youth Ski League) to learn cross country skiing (classic style). Our first class was Sunday the 1st. Kyle is a volunteer for Thomas's class, the first level has to have an adult with and I'm volunteering as needed. The first day I was with the girls class and the remainder of the classes I've been in Isaac's class. 

Kids went back to school on Tuesday (Jan 3rd) I had to work. Of course my 10 hours at work produced a blizzard! 

So much snow!



So much snow that the kids had e-learning days for Wednesday and Thursday... so thankful for that one day apart after what seemed like a LONG Christmas break. Their main 'assignment' on the e-learning day was to get out in the snow and play. We attempted to drive, but the van got stuck in the alley... the kids played while I shoveled (again). 


We decided to just walk to the big hill:

Fun to see so many school mates at the big hill. 

Someone had made this HUGE snowman! And Emma found one of her besties!


Back home on day 2 of e-learning, we made a snow volcano. 


The kids got to go back on Friday, thank goodness!
Saturday the three younger ones started ice skating lessons. 

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