Saturday, November 23, 2019

November Random

First Saturday of the month Home Depot has their workshop. We try to make it each month, the girls really enjoy making things. This month was a bird or eagle. 

Thanksgiving books out. Thomas loves the Franklin book. 

Mary made this at school for her performance she missed on Halloween day. 

We sold Thomas's pack and play - the co sleeper one. We attempted a day and night on the crib mattress on the floor. He did alright for nap, but that night for bed he kept getting up and was up at 5:10 am when he usually sleeps past 9am 

So that was short lived and only one night. Mom and dad weren't ready to deal with early rising Thomas so back in his pack n play the following night. 

Our neighbors got a new fence! and a new pond in their backyard. 

Bus Stop, before the snow. The kids won't ride the bus once we move to Kansas. Thankful for it now, even though waiting sometimes stinks, it sure in convenient since Thomas is usually in bed both in the morning and afternoon. 

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