Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Harpo's a TEENager :)

We celebrated Harpo turning 13 years old. He's such a good dog. Still doing great. He has some tummy issues sometimes, more so when we leave and come back, maybe just the anxiety of being away. He's been good the past month or so. Losing weight but eating decently. The hair on his paws grows out and he has a tough time on the hardwood floors so I try to keep the paw hair trimmed. I need to be better about grooming him but I get to it every few months. Excited for him to run in the yard at the new house in Kansas, hope he likes the new house. Since the new house has carpet on the stairs maybe he'll come upstairs there. Now he just stays on the main floor, sleeps in his beds, under the trampoline, behind the chair, and on the couches. He keeps to himself for the most part. But he's a good family dog. 

These photos are hilarious:

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