Saturday, April 8, 2017

Springtime Grandma Judy Visit

Grandma  Judy came to visit to break of our time while Kyle is on a business trip in Geneva, Switzerland for two weeks.

We picked her up on Saturday and she helped watch the kids at a church playground so I could help my MoM's group tear down the sale (I didn't get to help out much since I was solo with Kyle gone). Then Saturday evening we chilled around the house and watched Moana, Isaac was dying for grandma to watch it with them. And grandma got to experience watching a movie with three preschoolers, ha - not much for hearing what actually goes on.

Sunday was kind of dreary and raining. We made a run to KMart and Grandma bought the girls some Easter dresses then we went to eat at New Bohemia with excellent brats. Sunday evening I made dinner at home and we just laid low.

Monday we went to the Twin Cities Model Railroad Museum

Many of the models (okay all) were hands off, but they did have operation buttons the kids could press to see the models run. This table was pretty cool as it had lots of fun things for them to move like carousels, roller coaster, light up signs, carnival type games to watch.

There were kid train tables set up in back and they had two tables like this that had accelerator trains they could control the speed and beep the horns.

There was also a fun toot horn to pump and hear the air make sounds through the flutes.

And a big bell to hand ring. The kids had fun and it was a good morning activity.

That afternoon I was able to go to my dentist appointment and sneak in a chiropractor appointment.

Tuesday we had BSF and dropped Grandma off at the Galleria to explore while we did our thing. Then we had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and made a quick trip to the Minnesota Arboretum. It's still not fully open (the 3 mile drive is closed to cars) and nothing was in bloom but it was still fun to walk around and let the kids burn some energy.

We did get to see the cool maple syrup set ups they had. We saw three different collection methods. I only got photos of two. The third was a bucket much like the blue bags. 

These were really cool taps, that had pipes running down to the sugar collection hut.

Wednesday we had music class and then took Grandma back to the airport. We stopped for a quick lunch at Sun Street Breads on the way.

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