Thursday, November 5, 2015

Soccer 3 & 4

Last week was a little chilly but still pretty nice out. This week has been even warmer so we are really lucking out on weather.

Last week the girls and I walked a few blocks to Ace Hardware to pick up some PVC pipe so I could make a sensory table. It was good timing because it kept them occupied during Isaac's practice and I wasn't chasing them around. 

Here are some videos of last week: 

This week we had to walk back to the hardware store to pick up the corner pieces they had to order for me. And with the time change and it being dark out so early, soccer was moved indoors: 

After our quick walk I let the girls out of the stroller and we played with their quiet books for the last thirty minutes.

Mary eating a crayon and being ornery.

We had been eating at Baja Sol the past three weeks but decided to switch it up and ate at My Burger tonight. Once we got home I finished the sensory table so of course the kids had to check it out before bed.

I'm happy with how it turned out. I used to clean up the outdoor water table every winter and bring it in. But I didn't feel like cleaning it so decided it'd be easier just to make one, lol. And besides this one takes up less space and will work out better than the big water one with two basins.

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