Monday, November 23, 2015

18 months

girls 18 months-7

A little late getting this posted but I did get the photos on November 10th. Can't believe Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! The girls are growing like crazy and developing quite the personalities. Sweeter than ever of course! It's so fun to see them develop and learn everyday. They both understand us pretty well. When they are up to no good and get caught in the act Emma will usually throw whatever it is she has in her hands and take off running, while Mary will stop, give us a smirk and slowly continue whatever it was we asked her to stop. So both are quite ornery in their own unique way.
girls 18 months-5

girls 18 months-2

Mary picked up on baby sign language a little quicker than Emma. Signs "Please" "Thank you" "More" "water" and blows kisses. Mary is also our 'no' gal. This is a cute video of her saying no:

girls 18 months-1

Emma has started speaking words in addition to her signs. She was a little slower to cooperate with signs. I know she knew them but she'd just grunt when she wanted something instead of signing "Please" or "More" when I asked her too. She now does both and is pretty proud about it. Emma is our 'yes' gal and usually gives us a long drawn out 'yesssss' when we hit the nail on the head with what it is she wants. It's nice that communication is started because we can figure out what they want faster. They both say Harpo, which comes out as "pa-po"
I tried to capture Emma saying yes a few times. I managed to get a definite head shake today:

They play together really well and also bicker a little, lots of toys being taken back and forth and Mary has even started a little hair pulling! :-/

They are both still good eaters. We've had so much variety I haven't really been able to tell if there's a favorite of anything. Fruit of course and muffins.

Mary plays really well by herself and Emma tends to stick close by myself or Isaac. They are both busy bees, loving the sensory table, puzzles, cars, legos, cooking in the kitchen, and wearing hats/dress up.

Emma is and always has been a big blankie girl, but now anytime she nurses she has to have it to snuggle with. So if we are in the living room she will run to her room to get it before she sets down with me. She usually brings Mary's to her, so even though Mary isn't big into her blankie she likes to have it when Emma has hers or reminds her about it.

They are both sitting on the potty and peeing a few times a week. Mary even pooped on the potty the other day, well after she dropped one in the tub she finished on the potty. She was pretty proud. It really upsets her when she poops in the tub. Mary seems to be sensitive lately as there was a few times Isaac has been upset and just seeing Isaac cry ignites tears in Mary.

They are getting more and more into books. We've always had a nighttime routine, but their interest is increasing, we can read a little longer of a book and some different ones. They let us know when they aren't interested in a book as they start to wiggle everywhere.

girls 18 months-3

Just in the past few days they have wanting to help out with baking. Isaac has always been my helper when making pancakes, muffins, cookies, etc. The girls helped out yesterday and today with wanting to stand on the step stool and get a good look at what we were doing.

We have been in music class this semester (I think it's our 4th time doing it). Both girls love music, Emma really gets into it and dances in class, it's so cute. Instrument time is a favorite.

Here they are eating olives off their fingers, so cute I had to share:

It was pretty cute the other day when Isaac was pulling Mary in the box while Emma was pushing from behind. They started in the kitchen, but I didn't get a good photo, here they were once they made it to the living room.

Mary was pretty happy.

They all play so well together.

Since this post is taking me a while to get finished might as well add to it. This was last Tuesday as we played waiting for daddy to get home from Houston. 
They love climbing up on the couch
Tuesday evening play-1

Tuesday evening play-8

Mary was lining up the cars so nicely
Tuesday evening play-4

Tuesday evening play-6

Emma loves sitting in the big dump truck and often times Mary will even push her around
Tuesday evening play-11

Tuesday evening play-14

I didn't schedule their 18 month check up until December so I could do Isaac's 4th birthday visit as well. So it will really be a 19 month growth check for the girls. I'll give their weight stats then.

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Lesa Herrmann said...

I love how much they are starting to do! Seems like just yesterday that was Isaac and Parker. I also find it humorous (and a bit smart) that Mary is the hair puller since it is tougher for Emma to retaliate!

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