Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sensory Table Play

We recently went on a trip to Missouri, but I will blog about that later. The Wednesday before we left I received a lens in the mail that I rented for the week (Nikon 24-300mm FX lens). I wanted to play around with it before we left so I took some photos of the girls playing outside while Isaac was napping.

I didn't want to deal with them getting all wet so we put oatmeal in the water table instead of water.
oatmeal play-1

oatmeal play-2

oatmeal play-4

oatmeal play-5

oatmeal play-8

oatmeal play-9

oatmeal play-10

oatmeal play-11

I turned my back for a minute, I think I ran inside for something but when I looked back out at them I noticed they were both just standing there with oatmeal in their hair.
oatmeal play-12

I watched for a minute and saw Emma just casually dropping handfuls over in Mary's hair. It was so funny.
oatmeal play-13

oatmeal play-14

oatmeal play-16


Our neighbor's flowers

and our garden - we came home to LOTS of red tomatoes!!

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