Sunday, March 15, 2015

Minnesota Zoo ~ First Warm Day

We made it to the zoo again today, without turning around this time. A few weekends ago we went and as we were getting out of the van a dad was leaving and shared how packed it was inside. So we ended up turning around and going to Ikea instead. Isaac is now big enough to play in the ball pit or "ball kit" as he calls it.

Today was supposed to get up to 70... ended up hovering in the 50s with clouds and wind, but we didn't let that stop us from going outside and seeing the outdoor animals. There is a lot to do indoors, which we did last time so we skipped all that this time.

We picked up breakfast on the way out of our city, but realized we left the other snack tray for the stroller at home so ran back home for that. Then as we were a few miles from the Zoo I realized we forgot their jackets and hats! We had blankets in the car but no hats, so we ended up buying them new hats from the gift shop. They had matching gloves with and we also had a 20% off coupon for being members so it wasn't a complete waste, but seriously with twins everything should be buy one get one. If you have to buy two of the VERY SAME thing, throw me a bone and give me the second one half off or something. Sheesh, twins!

They are so adorable so it didn't matter in the end :-)
3-15 MNZoo-1

3-15 MNZoo-2

3-15 MNZoo-3

Isaac was excited to see the Tiger, although he wouldn't stand and watch it walking back and forth...
3-15 MNZoo-5

3-15 MNZoo-8

3-15 MNZoo-10

3-15 MNZoo-11

3-15 MNZoo-17

We saw a moose, caribou, camels, bears, hogs
3-15 MNZoo-14

3-15 MNZoo-22

3-15 MNZoo-23

3-15 MNZoo-25

3-15 MNZoo-27

Turkeys, birds, wolves, coyotes, and more bears.
3-15 MNZoo-37

Emma is pretty proud she got her sock all the way off. Then it was soaked and too cold to actually put on, stinker!
3-15 MNZoo-42

We learned from last visit the zoo had no food to offer us that we'd like. So we packed our own lunch. We ate outside and then headed for the van where everyone took a nice nap on the way home. Well everyone except mom and dad. It was still early in the day that we played outside a little once we got home. Preparing for temps to drop back down this week so we need to get in all the outdoor time we can while we can.

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