Saturday, March 28, 2015

Isaac's First Dentist Appointment

Isaac had his first dental check up today. I had noticed some build up a couple months ago and figured it was time to get him in for a cleaning. And at that point we started brushing his teeth better. 

With the busy year we have had we actually didn't get him added to our dental coverage. Thought we did and had plans to, but never got done. So we knew if we went it would be out of pocket. I declined X-rays this go round as well as the six month follow up. We will corn back in 9 months once he's on our insurance. But one cleaning and visual exam is done and all looked good. 

We had been reading the Berenstein Bears visit the dentist all week in preparation for the big day. Isaac was excited to find out if he had a cavity or not and was looking forward to wearing the "bib". 

Our dental office sets aside Saturday's for children. Isaac has been sick so I didn't want him playing with the toys, so we watched the fish instead. 

First sitting in the chair, giving me this funny look. 

Wearing cool shades during his cleaning. 

He was all about keeping his mouth open, even when he didn't need to be. 

All done, no cavities and prizes to show for!!! 

I love this kid!! 

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Unknown said...

Awww! Isaac is so adorable! He seems pretty ecstatic and excited for his first trip to the dentist. He keeps on smiling and sitting on the dentist's chair like a boss. Hahaha! You made the right decision to bring him to the dentist that early, in order for him to maintain good oral health. Anyway, thanks for sharing that wonderful milestone, Daisy! All the best to your family! :)

Byron Kennedy @ A Plus Family Dentistry

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