Sunday, March 15, 2015

10 months

10 months-7

The girls turned 10 months last Tuesday. I got these pictures on Wednesday. We have been battling sickness the past couple weeks. It started with Emma having a fever on a Wednesday - Friday, which caused us to miss music class and ECFE of that week. Then everyone was doing good until Mary got a fever the following Wednesday, causing us to miss ANOTHER music class and ECFE. Really stinks missing our activities. That Friday we went to Ikea because we just had to do something. I ended up wearing Mary cuz she wasn't feeling well. Isaac got to play in the play land, which was awesome because it's FREE and it was a nice break for me. Although they get you because you think you are getting out of the house and enjoying a free activity but then you don't have a talkative preschooler at your side and can actually pay attention to shopping and end up spending a few hundred dollars. They know what they're doing :-P

Anyway so Mary's fever ended up lasting longer and we were started to get a little worried but I told myself if she is still running a temp end of Sunday that I'd take her in on Monday. It ended up dropping Sunday so that was good. But then Monday morning Emma got a fever!!! So we had to miss our Tuesday make up music class. BUT by Thursday and Friday all were well and we finally made it back for our last music class and an ECFE class. It felt so good to be back in the swing of things. And last week the weather warmed up so we've been able to be outside EVERYDAY. It has been fantastic!!

So besides the sickness we've just been trucking along. The girls are exploring more and more everyday and babbling and talking with us as much as ever. They are both crawling and cruising.

Emma has started to say words and we will catch her repeating us every now and then "Emma" "mama" "dada" "isaac" "hi". Emma now has a total of six teeth, four on top two on bottom. Just today Emma started standing on her own in the bath, but she prefers to cruise along furniture. Oh little miss Emma did have quite a milestone yesterday on daddy's watch. (I was away at a volunteer event) Kyle said he came out of a quick shower, less than five minutes and Emma was at the top of the stairs with Isaac! Needless to say I came home to the gate on the stairs, haha. Thank goodness she didn't fall down! Emma loves music class and was copying everything we were doing with the shakers last class. They both dance and have a beat. Emma likes to kick her foot up and grab her toes when nursing, it's so funny. She also loves to clap.

No sign of teeth for Mary yet.  Mary stands on her own and is really wanting to walk but doesn't make it long after standing. We've noticed, or at least this is the case the past few days while out, that Mary likes to run off and explore while Emma prefers to stay by our-side. Mary likes balls and likes to bite her tongue when she laughs. I have nick-named Mary the boob-snatcher because if Emma happens to pop off while nursing, Mary will lunge over and steal her side.

10 months-3

10 months-8

10 months-11

10 months-12

When I got the blocks and my camera out to get photos of the girls, Isaac had to get his 'camera' out. He is so cute with it. He has some left over blueberry oatmeal on his face, but boy he looks so OLD in this picture!
10 months-13

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