Sunday, October 26, 2014

Minnetonka Orchards {October 9th, 2014}

I just realized I'm a little behind in my blogging... oops. October 9th I went to an orchard with some neighbor friends. They are long time buddies of ours from Isaac's ECFE class when he was just 6ish months old! It's really fun to see these boys grow together. Here's the post from last year.
Minnetonka Orchard-2

Minnetonka Orchard-3

We all went to this orchard together last year as well. It's a fun little field trip and is nice to go somewhere different than just the local park.
Minnetonka Orchard-6

Minnetonka Orchard-4

Minnetonka Orchard-5

Minnetonka Orchard-7

They have a lot more happens on weekends, so I hear. But it's free during the week so I'm no complaining. They had the animals out so we could view.

Minnetonka Orchard-18

Minnetonka Orchard-21

Yum, hay:
Minnetonka Orchard-24

Minnetonka Orchard-19

Minnetonka Orchard-22

Isaac no wanting to sit next to his sisters for a pictures
Minnetonka Orchard-23

And when I could get them all to sit together, he decided to use their poor little heads as drums :-(
Minnetonka Orchard-25abc

It started off a little chilly but ended up being a gorgeous morning! and quite warm before we left.
Minnetonka Orchard-30

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