Sunday, October 26, 2014

Grandma Judy's Visit

Grandma Judy came up to visit last week. It was originally just going to be a long weekend visit, but then Kyle got word that he had to travel out of town for the whole week so my mom had her return flight changed so she could stay and help. It was definitely a long week but it would have been even longer if she wasn't there to help me. I think she had a great time, but her body is aching after all the work she helped out with. Lifting babies, holding babies, playing with Isaac, sitting on the floor, sitting in chairs made for little people, straightening up around the house and even helped out in the yard! Clearing out my garden and cutting down some roughage. Glad she could spend the time with me and soak in some baby time as the next time she sees the girls they will probably be on the move!
gma visit-3

The weather was WONDERFUL while she was here. I kept commenting on how vibrant all the fall colors this year and that I didn't remember them being this beautiful the past few years. I later learned it is because of our soil and since we were not dry the soil was better thus producing better than average fall colors.

We picked her up from the airport on a Thursday and spent some time outside that afternoon enjoying the warm weather. Playing in the leaves and trying out our new leaf blower.
Leaves play gma-3


Leaves play gma-11

Leaves play gma-14

Leaves play gma-16

Leaves play gma-19

Leaves play gma-20

Leaves play gma-28

Friday we did some errand running, Saturday was a little chillier, Kyle was home and we walked to a park. Isaac likes to act out when we have visitors so we were doing what we could to help him burn off some energy. Saturday night we went to BooZoo. Sunday we worked in the yard again and bagged up the first batch of leaves. Too bad there's not a picture of me, wearing Mary while using the leaf blower :-P
leaves clean up gma-2

leaves clean up gma-7

leaves clean up gma-9

leaves clean up gma-11

leaves clean up gma-12

leaves clean up gma-13

leaves clean up gma-18

This is Sunday morning, Grandma brought Isaac a workbook and he loved working in it with her

Monday was a lazy day and I don't think we did much of anything. Kyle came home a little early for work to say goodbye before hopping a plane for NYC for the remainder of the week for work.

We did get outside a little on Monday. The girls didn't get taken out of their PJ's though.

Tuesday we went to a story time at Choo Choo Bobs
Then hit a park after getting gas in the van

And I was able to leave the kids with mom while I went to a physical therapy appointment. Wednesday we went to the library for their storytime, Isaac was starting to become a real stinker at this point. Harpo also got taken to the groomers this day.
The kids at lunch:


Hanging out downstairs waiting to go pick up Harpo:





Thursday we stayed in for the morning then walked to a local park with some friends in the afternoon. Got a family photo in before the sun went down (as their was a partial eclipse)

Great faces here: lol

Friday we had our weekly ECFE class, where there was a surprise fire drill.

The girls were pretty tired but pushing through since they love all the playtime in class. Mary didn't make it though:

We ran some errands after class and everyone (but grandma and I) had quick naps in the car... so the afternoon was rather long at home while we waited for Kyle's plane to come in.

Workbook time

Mary licking Isaac's head


Grandma time


Game of CandyLand

Reading (Isaac was sitting up next to Grandma... but they had finished before I could snap a picture so this is a semi-reenactment)

Overall it was lots of fun and I'm very thankful for all my mom's help. Feel bad she was having to pop ibuprofen all week but glad she powered through the balls of energy I call my children. Although she was getting 9 straight hours of sleep at night, unlike myself, haha. I think the girls were glad dad was home because they gave me 4 hours straight sleep Friday night!!

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Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the lovely post. i had no idea that you took most of these pics.
i enjoyed every minute of being with you & your family
glad i could help out

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