Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sick of Surprises

Well it's happened again... except this time it took us by COMPLETE surprise. Unlike the twins confirmation where we had a suspicion going into it. This time, not so much.

I had an ultrasound at my 16 week check up with a new OB. It was just the portable ultrasound so I knew it might not be completely accurate. At this ultrasound I discovered a boy and what we were pretty sure was a girl, but not completely... hence the uncertainty.

Well we had our comprehensive ultrasound today. The 'big' one down in Maternal Fetal Medicine. Kyle was with and this was intended to be the big gender reveal, but since we got a peek earlier we were just hoping for confirmation... well we got confirmation that Baby B was a girl.... and news that so was Baby A!! Yes TWO GIRLS!!!! I will admit I cried and am still grieving the loss in idea of a boy and a girl. That Isaac won't have a little brother to play ball with... but I know I'll adjust to this new known fact just as I have that there are two babies in there. But I can't help but shake my fists. What is next? What lies ahead? Because so far, NOTHING is going as planned. Ironic how yesterday we landed on THE most perfect boy name (first & middle)... while talking about how hard the girl name will be. Now we are stuck with FOUR girl names to pick, wowzers!

So the story, turns out at my OB appointment we were seeing the umbilical cord which was hanging down in the space of a penis... this became clear today because it almost looked like a penis again, but with closer looks and an actually ultrasound tech (not an OB who doesn't do it everyday) the discovery of girl parts was clear.

Oh and our Christmas cards were wrong as well. Here is what they should have read.
Christmas Card

And here are some pictures of our beautiful babies.
View of both babies... they are pretty big and smooshed in there so kinda hard to see.

Baby Girl A



Baby Girl B





Lesa Herrmann said...

Certainly a surprise, but so much fun! Congrats again! Also, might be me, but the pictures above are not showing up. Says they are private and can't be viewed? I am also on my phone which may be the problem too! Can't wait to see them!

Daisy said...

Thanks, I checked it earlier and it wasn't showing up for me either. But was going to look into it again. It should be fixed now :)

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