Thursday, December 12, 2013


As most of you know I (Kyle) had to take a business trip down to Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Sao Paulo (SP) is a fascinating city, from what little I saw of it.

After a nice long plane ride throughout the night I finally landed in  SP at about 8 am.  I then had to wait in the airport for about an hour and a half for my colleague to arrive, couldn't get on the same flight...long story, not important.  From there we took what amounted to a limo ride to the office which was about 10 miles away.  Luckily the car was very comfortable because it took over 2 hours to get there!  Plenty of time for a short nap for both of us and some "sight-seeing."

We arrived at the office at 12 and worked until about 7 (this is a common theme, worked about 12 hours a day).  That evening we took a cab back to the hotel.  Well we almost didn't, we had to call 3 cabs because the first 2 rejected us because we weren't going far enough; that was a first.  So we finally got a cab to the hotel, 2.5 miles and 30 mins in the cab.

The first two pictures are views from my hotel room.  Shortly after taking these I ordered room service and promptly went to sleep.  Long first day over.


The next morning I got up to take a couple pictures outside of the hotel.  Was recommended not to walk far as I would might get mugged (this was a good part of the city so that was it was only might).  As you can see it was pretty hilly and jungley where I was which was nice, but not worth the really long cab ride.

This is a little taste of the traffic.  What you don't see is that we are going no more than 5-10 mph and motorcycles are zooming in between all of the cars.  Fact: more than 1 motorcyclist dies everyday is SP because 1) they drive like complete idiots and 2) people in cars want to kill them.  At this point of the ride I am coming upon a bridge over a river, I don't know what the river's name was but I dubbed it the Stinky River.  I did not look forward to going over the Stinky River twice a day, slowly.
Here are a couple of pictures from the office i was at.  This was really my view the whole time, just buildings this size as far as you can see.

Interesting note, the bottom of the red building is a cafeteria that we ate at once.  Next to that is a coffee house (the coffee is unbelievable), next to that a pizzeria, then a hamburger place.  One thing i have to say is that the food was very very good, nothing was sub-par.  This night we went to a Brazilian Steakhouse where I truly gorged myself to the point of real pain.  After dinner we took a nice long cab ride back to the hotel where i got more much needed sleep.

The next day we were in the office well before anyone else at 7 and i put in a nice day until 7:30 where I caught a car (pretty much a limo) to the airport.  It was a nice two and a half hour trip back which I got the see the Flag Monument (google it, was pretty impressive) and a few other parts of the city.  I also took this time to take another pretty long nap.  I got to the airport at 10:15ish just in time to catch my 11:00 flight and head back home.

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