Thursday, December 5, 2013

Isaac's 2nd Birthday!

I had to work Tuesday night, so I ran by the grocery store after work to pick up some gluten free snacks (for a playdate the next morning) and grabbed a football balloon while I was out. Then came home to get birthday decorations up. Kyle helped by blowing up some balloons for me, so all I had left was to get stuff hung at midnight when I got home :)

Isaac 2nd Birthday-1

Isaac 2nd Birthday-2

Isaac 2nd Birthday-3

Isaac 2nd Birthday-4

He was pretty excited to see all the decorations when he woke up. Saying his own version of "happy birthday".
Isaac 2nd Birthday-5

I made animal pancakes for breakfast
Isaac 2nd Birthday-6

Isaac 2nd Birthday-8

Then we walked a block and a half away to a friends for a quick playdate. Got to see a snow plow on the way




We did some more playing once we got home
Isaac 2nd Birthday-9

Isaac 2nd Birthday-11

And the infamous block pictures
Isaac 2nd Birthday-12

Isaac 2nd Birthday-13

Isaac 2nd Birthday-15

Isaac 2nd Birthday-18

He took a good nap and by the time he got up Kyle was on his way home. Once Kyle was home we went outside to play in the snow while Kyle shoveled (the second time that day, I shoveled earlier in the day but it was snowing all day so we had quite the build up)
Isaac 2nd Birthday-20

"Mama Help!"
Isaac 2nd Birthday-21

Isaac 2nd Birthday-23

And we made some snowballs!!!! He was very excited. His favorite shirt is his "no-ball" shirt (which he was wearing this day).
Isaac 2nd Birthday-25

Isaac 2nd Birthday-26

Then we came inside and went downstairs for presents while dinner finished. He was pretty excited about his new "bass-it-ball-gool"
Isaac 2nd Birthday-30

Opening Grandma Judy's present:
Isaac 2nd Birthday-33

Isaac 2nd Birthday-34

He got a new puzzle as well
Isaac 2nd Birthday-37

and a book:
Isaac 2nd Birthday-38

And opening Grandma Cindy's present
Isaac 2nd Birthday-39

Isaac 2nd Birthday-42

He was or actually had been a stinker all day. But at dinner time he wasn't wanting to eat but instead sit on the potty with the iPad... and since it was his birthday we let him :) Then we had cupcakes!
Isaac 2nd Birthday-27

Isaac 2nd Birthday-43

Isaac 2nd Birthday-47

He got the blowing down, but not straight... he blows out the corner of his mouth which ends up pushing the air up not out :-P
Isaac 2nd Birthday-48

These pictures are actually from Sunday. Grandpa Les had sent us a package and it was waiting for us when we returned from Missouri:



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Lesa Herrmann said...

Happy Birthday Isaac! Can you believe our babies are 2?

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