Monday, August 13, 2012

North Shore for Isaac's first night of Camping

Saturday morning we got up early and headed up north to a weekend of hiking and camping. We didn't have a spot reserved so we were focused on securing a campsite before we worried about where we were going to hike. MN state parks leave about 30% of their sites non-reservable for a first come first serve basis, but since it was Saturday many of those spots were taken with arrivals on Friday night. We first stopped at Split Rock Light House State Park (one of our favorite places to camp), after waiting about ten minutes so the lady would know if anything was going to open up, we left there because they were full. Called Tettegouche State Park that was about 20 minutes up the road, they were full as well. But there is a State Forest nearby with all first-come, first-serve sites so that was kinda our last resort. We got a spot there, it's a nice campground, but they are drive-in sites which we are not really fans of... but it would suffice for the night.



Isaac LOVED playing in the tent, it was hilarious! He was just laughing so hard as he pressed his body into the sides.


After we sat up camp, then drove back to Tettegouche where we hiked for a few hours. The good 'ol fashion hiking we used to do a few years ago. It was a gorgeous day. Isaac and Harpo really enjoyed being out and exploring.






Our attempt at a family photo:

This area was called Two Step Falls, trails led to it on both sides but there was no foot bridge across.

So we had to cross it in the water

We are always hiking the 'Hiking Club Trails' at the state parks and needed the password for Tettegouche, which wasn't the rough trail we originally hiked. So we drove down by the water and went for a 'short' hike, just a few miles, but at this point we were pretty tired. I gave Kyle a break and wore Isaac on my back.


He didn't last long, he slept most of the hike. But we did get some amazing views of Lake Superior.



Once we were finished we headed back to our campsite which wasn't but five miles away or so. We got the fire going and started cooking dinner.

Isaac loved being in the tent, he was up a little later than normal but it was okay it was a special occasion. He actually got to sleep really easily... us on the other hand had to listen to our noisy neighbors (which is why we don't like drive in sites to begin with) they made noise most of the night, eventually we both fell asleep.


The next morning we got up and walked to this nearby restaurant that we had actually been to before, back when we stated at George Manitou State Park which I blogged about here.

Walked over the Baptism River twice on the way there.


After that we walked back to camp, put away our tent, loaded up the car and headed south.


We stopped at Betty's Pies because we always have to when we go by.

Then we drove an hour or so toward home, past Duluth, to another state park, Moose Lake State Park. They had an 1.5 mile hiking club trail that we wanted to get in before we went home.


Saw a frog

After our walk we had a picnic lunch, where Isaac had fun tormenting Harpo

 and then headed home for good. Although we hit bad stopped traffic due to construction, so the under two hour trip really took us about three from that point.

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Lesa Herrmann said...

I love the picture of Isaac's face against the tent! So precious! Looks like you had a blast!

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