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Flandrau State Park {Aug 24-26} & Schell's Brewery

Last weekend we went camping with our friends Michelle and Enoch to Flandrau State Park. We knew going into the weekend that there was a chance of rain, so we planned accordingly and decided we'd hit up the brewery tour in the local town in the event of rain. Flandrau is right in the town of New Ulm, which is only about 2 hours southwest of the Twin Cities.

We had a nice little walk-in campsite.
new ulm wkend-13

Isaac seems to just love camping :-) helping us unpack
new ulm wkend-1

And playing with his new push toy
new ulm wkend-3

Harpo likes to get out and relax too :-P
new ulm wkend-6

We arrived on Friday, so all we really did was get camp set up and fix hobo/foil dinners. Isaac fell asleep in the tent, but he didn't stay asleep because he knew we were out by the campfire. So we brought him out with us and he was immediately asleep in our arms. The flash makes it deceiving in this photo, cuz it's completely dark, but the flash blinded Kyle, oops.
new ulm wkend-7

It sprinkled a little on us overnight. We got up and fixed breakfast and it started to drizzle a little more. Luckily Michelle & Enoch recently purchased this great tent we could hang out under! We played a few games while it rained. The brewery didn't open until noon for tours so we had some time to kill.
new ulm wkend-12

Isaac was so fun. At this point he had already had a banana and shared some eggs with me for breakfast. But I guess he was just still hungry because he had to get a hold of just one more banana. AND he opened it from the opposite end! Like the monkeys do :-P
new ulm wkend-9

new ulm wkend-10

The rain had stopped so we took a quick little walk around the park before we made lunch. Here is the Cottonwood River, which runs through the State Park.
new ulm wkend-16

Then we loaded up in the car and headed into town. August Schell's Brewery is the second family own brewery in America. The first being something in Pennsylvania. It was really fun hearing about the history and seeing all the buildings old home of August Schell.
new ulm wkend-21

There were peacocks running around the grounds
new ulm wkend-22

new ulm wkend-20

and we even got to see BABY peacocks!
new ulm wkend-36

At the end of the tour, of course they have a tasting in the tap room:
new ulm wkend-26

new ulm wkend-27

Isaac getting his taste (don't worry there was just water in his cup)
new ulm wkend-35

The rain stopped so we were able to wonder the grounds and take a closer look at the buildings
new ulm wkend-40

We made our way back behind August's house and they had some deer pens:
new ulm wkend-42

new ulm wkend-43

We left there and headed back to camp. Isaac was sleeping in the jeep so we played a game of washers at a nearby vacant campsite while he snoozed away.
new ulm wkend-44

new ulm wkend-45

Then we went for a pre-dinner hike along the hiking club trail. Michelle insisted on wearing Isaac in his backpack, Kyle didn't complain about this :-P
new ulm wkend-46

new ulm wkend-48

We threw this butter out into the weeds Saturday morning... and it was still there throughout the rain, lol.
new ulm wkend-49

Friday night we just hung out at camp, fixed dinner, had a campfire and enjoyed the outdoors. Isaac discovered that the cooler had wheels!
new ulm wkend-51

And then he had fun playing with our camping dishes in the tent before bed!
new ulm wkend-52 He was smiling and laughing but the flash was a bit alarming

new ulm wkend-54

The next morning we had breakfast and began to tear down camp. We weren't in any hurry to get out. The boys had fun playing:
new ulm wkend-55

And ruby was relaxing by the fire (FINALLY, she wanted to get near it the night before but we wouldn't let her)
new ulm wkend-56.

We went for another short hike once our cars were loaded up. Isaac didn't make it long:
new ulm wkend-59

new ulm wkend-60

We worked up a good sweat so our last stop of the trip (well before hitting up the appetizer happy hour at the local Applebees on our way out of town) was the 'swimming pool'. This was a sandy bottom, chlorinated, swimming pool. AKA man made lake.
new ulm wkend-61

new ulm wkend-66

Notice Isaac's red mark on his forhead from where he was sleeping on the hike. Not sure if maybe a but bite him there or not cuz it took a while for it to fade away.

new ulm wkend-68

And I just love Kyle's face in this one :-)
new ulm wkend-71

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