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MN State Fair 2012

August 27, 2012


Monday we took a trip to the State Fair, Isaac's first State Fair!!! Kyle took the day off so we could hit up the fair on a less crazy day, although it's still crazy. We drove around looking for parking and ended up in neighborhood a few blocks from the grounds. There were lots of people standing outside with 'Park' signs getting people to park in their yards.... saw one lady for $15 who stated "it's even more as you get closer" we told her we'd circle the block and may be back. Well the next gal we came to was $10 so we took that, she asks if I can parallel park, of course I can. We meet her in the ally and she has me parallel park next to her garage door... inches from her garage door so I wasn't in the alley way. She kinda had attitude, but I knew as soon as I got my little man out of the backseat she'd melt and she did, lol. Anyway so we park and we head to the gate.

We didn't even make it out of the alley when I stop... "oh SHIT!" I left the freakin' pre-paid discounted entrance tickets sitting at home! Damnit! I was so aggravated! The local grocery stores pre-sell discounted tickets, $9 instead of the gate price of $12.... every year I say "next year I'm going to remember before the first day of the fair and stop in and get tickets there"... well this year I remembered to buy them, I just didn't remember to bring them! Ah well... I posted on facebook and my friend Jill is going to buy them from me and come get them tomorrow night, so not that big of a deal but still aggravating.

Standing in line to buy tickets (again) we heard a lady behind us "Oh this little one has legs just like Elliot!" "don't get to close they'll think you're crazy" "I'm not crazy I'm a grandma"... so then we turn around and say "you're not crazy we get this all the time. You're not the only one coming up to us to talk about the baby" :-) so we had a nice little chat with them, she has a grandbaby that's about 5 months old. And the guy took our picture for us.
08 months-1.jpg

So the walking begins. We got a free bucket from the Home Depot booth, checked out the Pet Barn, although a little disappointed with the small number of dog breeds on show, usually they have a bit more. We also stopped and entered to win a car.. hopefully we win! And eventually we made it to our destination!

FOOD! First up a breakfast croissant from French Meadow Bakery and Cafe

Then we stopped at the DNR booth to hear a little talk about the native Minnesota fish.

While Kyle was listening I hopped the street with Isaac to the Kare 11 barn (that's the news station we watch) I knew they had free water, but since the morning show was just starting at 11:00 it was too crowded to get back to the water station to fill my water bottle... but since it was 11 there was a line so I got in it to get a free bag! 

Next we headed to the agriculture horticulture building to visit the beer brewing area.


LOOK! Cargill!!

And we had a beer flight. Four small beer samples. We tried the Dark. There were three other 'categories' to try: light, belgium, & ... I can't remember the fourth.

This was the Dark category:

Next food: Spaghetti on a stick!


Then Corn on a cob

Nap time for Isaac

Then we ran into our friends Nate & Bri, found a spot in the grass to let Isaac stretch his legs for a bit. I just love this photo... he's such a sweetie!

All the while we were completing this history walking tour. There was a pamphlet with 13 different spots to check off and read about different history tid bits and buildings throughout the fair. We completed the fair and I got this FUN prize :-P a button!


On our walk back up to the north gate, where we came in. We stopped well one at the lactation station that 107.1 had... which I heard was suppose to be air conditioned... but it was in fact just a tent with fans. Luckily there was water and comfy chairs but I was sweating bullets the entire time I was feeding Isaac.

Then we stopped at the tractors and let Isaac roam and explore a bit.



On our way out we were craving ice cream... but there wasn't any nearby so we settled on frozen banana and a nut bar.

Isaac also got to try his first fair food, the unfrozen banana on a stick! (minus the chocolate and sprinkles of course)

He loved it!

It was a nice day, not too hot. But our feet were tired! We went home, sat down for a bit, had the babysitter come over then Kyle and I headed to the Twins game with some out of town friends. So it was a busy busy day for us!!

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