Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grandma Judy's Visit

Isaac had a visit from Grandma this weekend. He loved sleeping on her and listening to her sing silly songs.

Yesterday we even went for a walk! Yes, on January 7th in Minnesota, it was warn enough for a walk!! (about 40 or so)

We loaded Isaac in the K'Tan and I put a jacket over him and we went for a short walk on the stone arch bridge.

Then we went for our first out to eat experience. Because of the timing I needed to feed him right before we ate. So I fed him in the car, carried him inside (Olive Garden) and changed his diaper. We had the car seat with us but he was wide awake. He did great though and was very content in daddy's arms during lunch. It was a success!! He usually cries when I put him in his car seat until we get him moving, but as we left the restaurant he was smiling and cooing up a storm. I think he enjoyed his first out to eat experience :-)

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