Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Ceiling Fan & Paint Colors

Last night we installed a new ceiling fan in the baby's room. We really didn't like the one that was in there, and bought a new one a while back, we're starting to get things ready to work on the baby's room.
Here's the old fan: (Kyle is holding very still as it's dark and any movement would show up as blur, he looks kinda mad, but he's not - just concentrating on holding still) :-)
old fan

And here's the NEW ONE! And it works!!
new fan babys room

We have patched the holes in the wall and need to sand before we paint. We also got the closet door and are putting a new folding door on the closet. But before we do that we are fixing the grooves in the door frame that were left by the hindges. We're painting the trim in the room white and I think that's about it.

This weekend we made a large shopping trip to Home Depot to get the rest of what we need. We picked up the tile for downstairs, paint for the basement and paint for the baby's room, the closet door I mentioned, and trim for the basement and all the remaining door frames. Back when we installed the new interior doors we didn't put up the trim yet, but now we have it. OH and we purchased a little air compressor and nail gun set. So we should be good to go!!

Here are the colors we chose, of course they look different on a computer screen.
Baby's room will be Asparagus:

Basement will be Pecan Sandie:
Pecan Sandie

No updates on the basement, they tend to work the ladder part of the week. It's slow going... but really nothing we can do about it. We knew going into this they had another basement project they were doing along side ours and that would kinda slow things up. But we are really looking forward to getting the basement finished!!!! We did have the carpet guys come out yesterday to measure, as it takes 3-4 weeks for the carpet to come in. Hopefully when it does come in it'll be ready to install.

Someone was just at the door!!! I went to get it and was given this:
Birthday Flowers

Thanks Mom!!!!


Staci Severns said...

It looks like you had fun decorating your baby's room! We have the same ceiling fan but its in our dining room. Anyway, that kind of lighting creates a relaxing feel to any space. Good choice for you!

Daisy said...

Thanks! So far so good, we have really enjoyed the fan and it cools off his room so well!

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