Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Basement Update: Tape & Mud

Basement is coming along slowly but surely. Kyle and I are going vacation so hopefully we'll see some good progress once we get back (primed, dry core flooring, & tile) We are scheduled to paint once we get back. We decided back in the beginning to paint ourselves to try and save some $$ Painting and putting up the trim ourselves is saving us about two grand!

Doesn't look much different other than most of the drywall nails are covered with mud and the seams covered with tape.
Aug23_11 1

Aug23_11 2

Aug23_11 3

We've also been working in the baby's room. Kyle go the trim painted white (window, closet frame, & base trim) I need to put one more coat on it today. He also painted the baby's room door. We hung new doors a while ago, but didn't paint them. We'll paint the other three doors before we put the trim up, which we have in the garage... but right now trim is our last priority :-) Once we get home from California, we can paint the basement and get the baby's room painted! That will make a big difference!! That's all we have left for the baby's room, although we can't really move in until the basement gets finished as my computer is still in this room (baby's room)
computer in baby room

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Mallorey said...

Looks awesome!! I cannot wait to see how it looks when you have it finished and decorated!

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