Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Sunrise

I got up early this morning and headed over to my good ol' shootin' spot. Lake Calhoun & Lake Harriet.

My goal was to capture the fall color on the trees as the morning sun glistened on them. Luckily I also captured a cloudy sunrise (something on my 'to do list'). I don't really have much dialog to go with these so I'll just post them for some viewing enjoyment :-)
(and a friendly reminder, please do not use my photos without permission, thanks!)

Calhoun cloudy sunrise HDR

Calhoun cloudy sunrise vertical HDR

Harriet Cloudy Sunrise

harriet boats

Harriet tree & bench

Harriet Tree & Bench HDR

Before the sun popped up over the horizon line:
Framed fall trees HDR

After the sun popped up over the trees:
Harriet fall trees sunlit HDR

Harriet fall lake HDR

Harriet Boats fall trees HDR

Calhoun fall trees

That last one there is back on Calhoun, that's my favorite willow tree! You might remember it from some of my other sunrise photos :-)

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noreen said...

these are beautiful shots! thanks for sharing!

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