Thursday, October 14, 2010

Duluth Day Trip

While my mom was here, we spent Saturday heading up to beautiful Duluth for a quick day trip. The day before, Friday, we broke a weather record, the high was 87. (our normal average for that day of the year is 62) Last year when Matt was visiting this time of year it SNOWED! Anyway so it was a beautiful weekend, and we wanted to enjoy it. Mom had never been to Duluth; Kyle and I just knew she'd love it.

We had breakfast that morning at our favorite roof-top diner: Uptown Cafeteria. Then headed up north with Harpo in tow. Our first stop was a little rest area. I walked Harpo along the designated dog area and captured his fall portraits at the same time :-)
harpo fall portrait 2

He's such a good boy. He's used to his mom taking so many pictures of him, he does well when I say "sit and smile", lol.
harpo fall portrait

Once we got to Duluth, the temperature had changed drastically. It was rather windy and chilly up by the lake.
north shore seagulls

windy harpo

We had a nice time walking around and enjoying the water crashing against the rocks.
duluth boardwalk

duluth shoreline

mom & daisy & light house

Harpo loved being out and about too!
harpo & kyle

We got to watch a small sailboat go under the bridge. Then while we were eating we could barely see two large boats going through the canal.
Canal Park Bridge

It was a gorgeous day, a little chilly, but beautiful!

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