Saturday, May 23, 2009

Minnehaha Dog Park

We took Harpo to the Minnehaha OffLeash Dog Park today, it's the same one we went to last fall. It is so fun! The opening gate is up near Minnehaha park and then you walk down through the woods and come out along the Mississippi River. Harpo L-O-V-E-D it! It's like his Disney World! Here are some pictures of him having a great time. He's smiling in every picture! Here he is by the river:
harpo by the river

Then here he is on the wooded trail:
running in the woods

This is after he went through a mud puddle:
ran through a mud puddle

And here he is in the car on the drive home, I picked up a stick for him to play with on the ride home:
on the way home with stick

He is so funny in that dog park, he'll run way ahead of us then either stop and wait for us or come sprinting back to us just to run ahead of us again. Once along the river he had lost us and went to a few other couples sniffing them and we could tell he was getting confused and scared but we had our eye on him the whole time then we both yelled "Harpo, Harpo come here" and I have seriously never seen him run so fast in his life! He came dashing back to us and literally ran into me, it was pretty funny.

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