Saturday, May 23, 2009

House work and another new plant

So after going to the dog park today we decided to tackle the cleaning of the metal siding on the house. We went to Menards (it's like Home Depot, just cheaper and has different things. We really only go here if we can't find what we want at HD cuz this place has lower quality stuff (kinda like the WalMart of the home improvement shopping)).

Anyway we finally found this siding cleaner we had been looking for so we tried it out... nothing, so we scrubbed it with the brush, rinsed... no difference, then we got a bigger sponge out and scrubbed it, eh it looked a little better... then it dried and NOTHING. So we gave up, there was no sense of putting all that work into cleaning the siding if it wasn't even going to look different.

There is this white chalk-y stuff on there that if we wipe it with our hands it comes off, but when we were using the power washing, scrubbing and this house cleaner stuff it wasn't making any difference, so we decided to give up and put that job behind us. So we took the other bottle of house cleaner back, got a sprinkler since ours was pitiful, watered the yard and also got a tomato plant for the back deck.

This is called a Patio Tomato Bush Beefsteak:
tomato plant

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