Monday, November 27, 2023

3D Printing adventures

Attempting to get most of what we've printed into one post. We've had this thing running almost non-stop since I got it for my birthday mid-August. Lots of failures in the learning process. 

Learned that this issue was a temperature thing. This particular filament needed to be a little lower in temp compared to others I was using. 

Learned about the temperature tower, which is a first print with any new filament I have to see what temp it would best print at. 

Made this clip, with plans to use it on Isaac's football pads, but need a better spring inside. 

Re-did the watch stand

Then this mess happened a couple times. Leave and come back to a filament mess. Turns out the gcode file went bad, re-sliced it on the software and it printed fine. 


Some barbie fun for the girls. Skis and a balance beam. 


The most often question I get is what it uses to 3D print. It's long plastic tubing called filament. There are ALL different kinds of filament. I've been using what's called PLA. My machine also does ABS but I haven't ventured into that. There are other types but my machine only does those two. 

A fun project that took a lot of time and patience was our sonic model. We printed all the parts separately in different colors, then glued it together with PLA glue. 


This was probably our LONGEST and biggest print. Took 3 days and I still can't believe it turned out. The big maze part, then three additional smaller parts that go inside to make the twisty marble elevator 

A figet, printed in place then was kinda a pain to get moving but eventually got all the parts rotating. 

Mary wanted a headphone stand. This is just showing sometimes it leaves stringy webs that are easy to knock off. 

A brain for a child life friend. 

Playing with filament change mid-print. 3 tries to figure it out. Fun bookmark. 

Useful tool holder. 

Halloween fun! Hands to put outside on our gravesites. 

Another mess with an attempted fix. Hey it worked. 

Lots of medal holders. I made these for my GOTR coaches too. 

Fun stuff, another watch stand. 


Temperature towers piling up, kids play with these. 

Useful to replace some missing trouble boardgames pieces. 

Teacher gifts for Halloween, these were fun! 

And most recently toothbrush holders and mouth guard cases. 


Made my brother some clips for his camera/wireless mic.

I didn't take a finished of this, but it's a holder for our VR headset and holders. 

Lots of card boxes

And a fun bowl: candy or popcorn bowl. 

With all this fun also comes challenges. Had a little leak which ended up ruining my hot end and ended up doing a full replacement. 


Thankfully the parts are $10-$20 and with a little patience easy to re-build. New hot end in place and while I was at it changed out the plastic extruder for a medal one (second pic). 

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