Thursday, February 25, 2021

January 2021

 Hey not too far behind, it's still February as I write this, only a few days of the month left, but trying to keep up with these blogs. Highlights from January

We got some snow to start of the new year! We were all so excited cuz we sure do miss REAL winter snow. 

Kids all still in Piano and making great progress

Girls painting their art projects their old nanny from Minnesota sent them <3 

January 9th we took a day drive to the kids' Grandma's about 4 hours drive away. That was a LOOONNNG day in the car. They were so excited. I didn't get many photos. 

The older three did a soccer clinic on Thursday nights for the month. They were 3 of 5 signed up.

Isaac picked out a set of golf clubs thanks to Grandpa Del. 

Chickens are doing great, January weather wasn't too bad, they are still laying about 1 egg a day. One day I went to the nesting box and all five had laid so got to take them all back inside at once. 

Emma and Thomas playing in the basement:

enjoying those Kansas sunsets. 

We made it through the first Harry Potter book, reading it as a family and started on the second.

Mary got her FIRST loose tooth! Pretty exciting. 

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