Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Halloween Costumes & Events

This year we decided to be ghostbusters. We watched the three movies over the course of a few family movie nights so the kids were pretty excited. I searched for costumes and they do sell already made ghostbuster costumes but what's the fun in that? And at $40 a pop I figured I could do it for less... haha lol maybe not so much in the end but crafting is way more fun, right!!!?!

Now I'm curious so I did want to do the math. If I had bought all the costumes (4 ghostbusters, an adult slimer and an adult stay puft) it'd land at about $160

So I couldn't find khaki shirts... so I ended up getting some on sale through Old Navy and dyed them myself. Was a little nervous but I think they turned out great! (Shirts & dye: $45)

I ordered some patches off etsy and the next trick was the proton packs. I took the girls and Thomas to Ax-Man surplus and we found a ton of goodies. Got all the stuff for FOUR proton packs for only $20! (Patches total was $41. Total cost we are up to now is: $106)

First up was spray painting the cardboard and the shower heads that will be used on the proton pack backpack. (Oh the spray paint was about $3)

Had to throw these in here. These were at Target, we didn't get them but they were pretty funny!

We got it all made and the kids LOVE them! They've been playing 'ghostbusters' around the house. I didn't count the cost of the pants because they are just khaki pants that they wear anyway.

I want to put a flashlight in the end but need to find one that will fit good. I have ONE flashlight that works but need 2 or 3 more.

In the above photos the patches were just ironed on, I went ahead and sewed the arm patches on because they weren't sticking as well as I had hoped.

I also had my etsy lady make another name badge for Thomas because the first one was too big for his little shirt. Now it's SO cute!

For Kyle's costume I bought a chef hat ($6) and used supplies I had at home to make it say Stay Puft.

For my slimer costume I got out a green hoodie, found some green face paint and green leggins ($12). (Okay I think the total for all six costumes came to about $130 - hey that's not bad considering I made 6 costumes!)

The girls liked to wear their costumes around the house to play it, it was fun seeing them play ghostbusters.

Friday night we went out to eat and I was getting the last of supplies (face paint and leggings) We couldn't believe we found a slimer head!!! Unfortunately it was $60 so we just took a photo to remember it by.

Such fun ghostbuster stuff at the halloween shop. I was very tempted to buy some but I refrained.

Saturday before Halloween we attended a business trick or treat event at the West End. First all the kids had a dentist appointment.

Arriving at the west end

We actually won the costume contest! We won four movie passes. 

The kids had fun in the bounce house:

That was around lunch time. Then we went home and got the girls and Thomas to rest before we headed to Isaac's school for a little halloween bash. It wasn't as good as we had hoped. We were really the only family dressed up. There was face painting there so a lot of people had zombie face paint, but that was about it. The kids got some treats, Isaac got a soccer ball, and then we headed home. 

Monday the girls got to wear their costumes to gymnastics

And then Wednesday, Halloween day, the kids wore their costumes to ECFE. The girls go up to sibcare during this time and Thomas has his ECFE class.

We went out to eat for lunch at Chick-fil-a.
Halloween night and our attempt at getting the kids all together for a photo. Kyle did so good trying to get Thomas in the shot... he just kept running off.







Thomas's first trick-or-treating. It went about as well as the photo, haha. He did better riding along in the stroller.

I ended up putting lights in the girls proton pack wand thingy.

Back home to pass out shopkin toys (which we gave out instead of candy). Thomas was on a sugar high from his Twix piece of candy.

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Lesa Herrmann said...

You did a great job putting then together! I totally thought you bought them.

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