Thursday, September 13, 2018

Twins Day at Target Field 2018

We've made it to the twins day event every year since the twins were born. We've done the pregame parade almost every year. I think we missed one or two years. Last year we made it fun by taking the light rail. Oh I remember now, I don't think we did the parade last year because we took the light rail.

We thought about taking the train again this year but decided to ride our bikes instead. Back when we went for a ride down to the river on father's day we went under target field and thought we should ride to a game sometime. Good thing Kyle remembered cuz I totally forgot. We got the bikes freshly aired up and ready to go. It was just about a 20-30 minute ride straight there on the bike path.

Oh we did have to stop for the train before getting on the trail.

We made it there, found the bike parking and head to rush in for the parade. We were the last ones they let in and we were right behind another family of a MoM I know from my MoMs club.

Out on the field we go. Kind of fun to see it from a different perspective.

We even got to be on the megatron a few times.

We made our way to our seats to check out where we were before getting food. This was our view. The stadium was pretty bare. There was also a vikings game happening at home. They usually have Twins Day on the football weekend opener... 

We stopped in to the little restaurant by our section to grab some food as the game started. Isaac was happy to get to watch some of the football game before the game started.

We didn't have any twins attire that would fit Thomas so he was in a Chiefs shirt. Mary didn't have anything either. It worked out that the Twins were playing the Royals so Emma could wear her shirt :-) We were rooting for both teams. 

Thomas is on the go these days and loves to explore. He quickly figured out how to get to the row in front of us via under the chairs.

We made it through the whole game! It was a pretty great ending they were tied going into the bottom of the ninth but the twins got a home run with a runner on base so they won by two!

When we found the bike parking we discovered a WHOLE row of peanut characters! I didn't have time to see them before the game so we made sure to ride by them on our way out. Way way way back in the day I used to search for these around the cities and I even had a long running blog post about where they all were. Now it's a little outdated because some have moved and I've found a few new ones since that I haven't added.  Actually I just looked and I did do some updating in 2015.

This batch doesn't appear to be of the original auctioned bunch that were all over St. Paul, but probably made special for target field.

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