Thursday, February 2, 2017

Baby Number Four Belly Pics

As I was saying before when I attempted this earlier, it's been a while since I blogged and wanted to give you the latest updates and share my fruit belly pictures.

We are expecting number four! Due toward the end of July, so you know me, could be an August baby, who knows!

And since it's our last baby I figured I could go all out on announcements and use up all my ideas :-) I used the fitness one to post in my challenge group a month or so ago and the TShirt I made and wore to our friendsgiving we held a couple weeks ago.  

I started taking photos roughly end of December. 
Size of a pea:
Size of a blueberry: 

Then we had our ultrasound on December 29th and discovered we were about 3 weeks farther along than we thought. Which is in line with an early date when we thought we were pregnant but then I thought I got my period, but it appears that wasn't so. AND we received confirmation that there was just ONE in there. :-) However they did find "large anechoic structure with internal debris, suggesting subchorionic hemorrhage" which would have explained the bleeding I had around 5(7) weeks. And possibly the large bleeding I had around 4 weeks when I thought I had my period. However there is other speculation. The ultrasound showed that the baby was measuring 37.3mm from crown to rump and the hemorrhage was 3.8cm. I have since heard it's little heart beat two times at follow up prenatal visits at 12 weeks and 15 weeks. Hopefully when we have our mid-pregnancy ultrasound we will see that the hematoma has resolved itself. 
Here's some pictures of our fourth little peanut:

Had to adjust my belly photo dating to match with the new estimated due date. 
Size of a strawberry:
Size of a lime:

Size of a lemon:
Size of a peach:
Size of an orange:

Mary likes to pat the baby, saying "she is sleeping"

Isaac being a goofball and photo bombing my belly pic! haha!

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