Sunday, January 18, 2015

8 months

Time seems to be going by faster and faster. And now that the babies are mobile things are crazy. I remember thinking with Isaac every new phase was my favorite. Now with the girls I have to work really hard to try and enjoy every minute, it's harder this time because of the double factor but also because everything is such a blur. But we are so blessed with beautiful, wonderful, amazing kids and I can't help but soak every moment in and be thankful. Even the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad days :-)

The girls turned 8 months a week ago and are mobile as ever. They are crawling, pulling up, cruising on furniture. And we have seemed to be battling illness of some sort for almost a month. Ready for everyone to be healthy! Both girls are clapping which just started in the past week. Mary says "dada" clear as day and Emma loves making funny faces which I think is a result of her teeth coming in. Emma has two teeth, Mary doesn't have any but I think some are working their way up and we may see them in a few weeks. Sleep is getting a little better, able to nestle into more of a routine and found it best to just lay them down together and walk away, they don't do well with rocking which I think is because there are two.

These photos were from January 7th, one afternoon when we were having lunch. When it's just one parent it's easiest to just put them in their bumbo's and have them eat on the floor in the kitchen with us, while Isaac and I sit at the kitchen table. For evening dinners we all sit at our dining room table.
bumbo eating Jan7-2

bumbo eating Jan7-3

bumbo eating Jan7-5

bumbo eating Jan7-6

bumbo eating Jan7-7

bumbo eating Jan7-10

bumbo eating Jan7-12

I missed getting pictures on exactly Jan 10th, these were taken a few days later on the 13th. Close enough :-)
girls 8months-1

LOVE Emma's face in this one:
girls 8months-2

We've been spending a lot of time lounging around the house in PJs lately.
girls 8months-3

girls 8months-5

Isaac wanted to get in on the photos too!
Isaac 3 yrs-2


Isaac started swimming lessons, which Kyle takes him to in the evening. But this last week class was cancelled due to a fecal incident earlier that day. I take all the kids to music class once a week but we missed this past week due to Emma having a fever within 24 hours prior (I think could be teeth, no one else got a fever). And we do ECFE once a week which the new session starts in two weeks so there is a break next week. We are trying to stay busy and get out of the house but this last week was rough with cancellations and illness.

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