Monday, November 17, 2014

Apple Jacks Orchard {Oct 25th, 2014}

A little late finally getting this posted but before Halloween we attended my MoMs group Halloween party. (MoM = Moms of Multiples) It was at an orchard we haven't been to yet, but I had heard lots of things about. Apple Jacks was about 45 minute drive, it was rather chilly that day. We brought their costumes, but Isaac didn't want to wear his.


There was some play structures for the kids to run around on



My attempt to get a family photo... Isaac wasn't cooperating and as you can see Mary wasn't much either, haha.

The orchard is free to visit, then they charge money for the little activities. We bought tickets for Isaac to ride the cow train. He was pretty excited about it at first.



Then afterwards of course he was saying "I didn't like it" which doesn't really mean much when he's asking to ride it again.


The corn pit was what I was most excited about. I had heard about it but we had yet to visit one. It was pretty fun, Isaac had a blast in it.




Since it was chilly, we put the girls in their costumes as a means to keep them warmer and because they are so darn cute!

We ended up leaving after the corn pit because we had a certain little toddler that wasn't listening and kept running off. So hopefully he learned a lesson that when he doesn't listen we will leave. We hadn't planned on leaving so soon but were fine with it as we were tired as well. Isaac of course cried the whole way to the van and most of the way home. Mary did for that matter as well, but I think she was just tired and fighting sleep.

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