Monday, November 17, 2014

6 months

Here are the girls with their 6 month blocks. Looking cute as ever. Last week was a snowy cold week so we didn't get out of our PJs much. They are so cuddly in their fleece pajamas!

They are rolling and scootching all over the place and of course sleep is crazy. But they have had some great improvements as far as length of sleep at night... but for some reason the longer they sleep the harder it is to get them down, taking 3 hours of back and forth to finally get them down for the night. Sure not fun for dad and I!

They are also loving food! Like I mentioned Emma picked it up right away and now Mary is getting the hang of it! They had lots of fun with bananas and avocado last night, Emma did a great job painting in her hair with it.

6 months Emma-3

6 months Emma-4

6 months Emma-2

6 months Emma-1

6 months Mary-2

6 months Mary-3

6 months Mary-5

6 months Mary-6

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