Sunday, June 8, 2014

Best Big Brother

I haven't really had time to sit down at the computer to blog so I'm going to do a quick mobile post, and will try to more often. 

Most mornings are the same, Isaac wakes up and calls for moma from his room Kyle will go open his door and they both come back up to bed (on the days Kyle doesn't work). Then we have some morning snuggles, all five of us (yes in a queen bed) sometimes six when harpo feel brave. Isaac gets some iPad time, the girls sleep and I usually sleep as well. When Kyle isn't home it looks exactly like this. I can get another 1.5-2 hrs of interrupted much needed sleep. 

Isaac misses getting to snuggle with me and if I'm not feeding a baby I am sure to move them over to give him some much needed snuggles. 

This morning I look over and Isaac was watching Curious George while holding Emma's hand while she slept. So precious! He loves his sisters and tells them so often. I love my family. 

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