Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Grandparents visit

Two weekends ago, Isaac's grandma & grandpa visited (Kyle's parents). It is so great for them to be able to drive up and visit. I know we enjoy their visit as I am sure they enjoy getting to see Isaac.

It was great that each night one of them got to read to him before bed.
grandparents visit-2 grandparents visit-11

We went to the zoo:



Got to see the lions and tiger get fed their meat.


We went to the beach:
Lake Harriet beach-3

Lake Harriet beach-6

Lake Harriet beach-7

Lake Harriet beach-8

The water helped release some snot, lol.
Lake Harriet beach-9

Lake Harriet beach-10

Lake Harriet beach-12

A park:
grandparents visit-4

grandparents visit-6

grandparents visit-7

grandparents visit-8

And played outside. Grandma helped Isaac learn to pedal his tricycle.
grandparents visit-13

grandparents visit-14

grandparents visit-15

Playing with our make-shift T-Ball:
grandparents visit-18

grandparents visit-19

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