Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Lost Boot

As we gathered things to get ready to head out the door for the Christmas Eve Church service, Kyle asked "have you see Isaac's other boot?" He had his right one but the left was missing. So we began searching, looking all over at our level. Then getting down at Isaac's level. We checked all the rooms: his room, his closet, the dining room, the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, and the guest room. We also checked all the little areas he likes to open, the pan cabinet, the guest bed nightstand, his toy box, the bookshelf... Where could it be!?! Did he put it in the trash? Kyle had kit taken the trash out that morning and we catch him over there every once in a while. When did we last see them? Saturday, he wore the boots to Costco with Kyle. "Well I will take a look in your car before checking the trash and I'll start the car too so it's warm". Not in his car and not in the trash. I come back in and suggest Kyle check upstairs and I'll check downstairs. Both knowing there is really know way it would make it to either. All the while asking Isaac "where did you put your shoe?" he continued to just follow us around the house with one shoe on. As I was downstairs I thought maybe he tossed it down the laundry chute. He knew how to put his dirty clothes down there. Nope not in the laundry basket, I hollar up to Kyle "it's not down the chute", which prompts him to look down it from the upstairs "it's clogged!" I grab a flash light and look up it:

boot in chute-10

"Found it!!"

So our 30 minute boot hunt comes to an end. As I walk up the stairs Isaac is laughing. What a little stinker!! ;-)

And here is a photo of the candles at church.

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Anonymous said...

I love it, Too funny,
Don't leave you keys lying around.
each of you kids, hid my car keys at least once, around 2 ish. & always at an inconvenient time.
Judy P

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