Monday, February 20, 2012

What I love about my two-and-a-half-month old

Well everything! But to name a few:

-he's so fun to squeeze and snuggle! He has just the right amount of fat on him

- he smiles SOOO big when I walk into the room

-he drools SO much, while at the same time his spitting up hasn't really improved

-he loves looking at his feet

-he sings with me and coos and goos it's so cute!!

- I love kissing his cubby cheeks

-he's a great sleeper an so easy going

-he's starting to want to be on the move but he's not yet and I'm glad about that. I'll lay him down in front of his mirror and he finds a way to scoot right up next to it Changing his diaper tonight was exciting as he had his hips tilted way over (but no back to front rolling yet)

-he's going almost 3 hrs between daytime feedings

-and finally I bought this hat for next year but it fits him great now and he's so cute in it I can't take it!!! :-)

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