Sunday, December 7, 2008

painted in kitchen again

I just got finished painting the cabinets that are on the west side of the kitchen. In the pictures I posted earlier it's the wood looking lower cabinets. I painted them white. Now all I need to do is the doors... it already looks much better. I'll post pictures when I'm finished.

Christmas time..... so we searched all day yesterday for some Christmas lights... red and white ones. First we were looking for red and white alternating ones and when we realized that was not going to happen we just started looking for red sets and white sets and I was just going to alternate them myself. the four targets we went to were out of the red! and we tried WalMart and Home Depot as well, no luck there. So I think we're just going to skip decorating this year, we've pretty much ran out of time and for all I care we don't have to get a tree either... there's really no point since we're not really 'celebrating' (buying gifts and all). Maybe after Christmas when things are on sale we can find some good buys. We do have our little charlie brown tree up in the living room and I put all my other decorations out... Just no lights outside :0(

We've also become pros at shoveling, although I think we're going to get another shovel so we can both shovel at the same time. Kyle says we need a scooping one because the one we have is a good path maker but not so much a 'shoveler'... whatever that means. We've shoveled four times this week! We have to have our sidewalk out front shoveled by noon the day after a snow or we get fined.. I'm not sure how strick they are about that, but we don't really want to find out. And it's easier to shovel ASAP instead of waiting til all the tracks are in the snow. So we went ahead and shoveled tonight even though we'll probably have to again in the morning, but by the time we get to it (6:30) there will already be lots of foot & paw prints, so at least most of it's gone tonight.

Oh we also got trim yesterday for the living room, so we just need to stain it and get that up. That's about all the house stuff we've done lately.

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