Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Lights!!!

Well we finally found what kind of lights we were wanting and we weren't even looking for them. We stopped in at Menards today (a store like Home Depot or Lowes) to get another snow shovel.. one that has the curved handle and can do some scooping. And took a look at the Lights... they had what we were looking for. Since they don't make the white and red alternating we just bought two red boxes and two white boxes and interchanged them ourselves :0)
getting lights ready

That's what I'm doing here in the picture. We also bought these clips to attach the lights to the gutter, roof, or where ever last weekend when we thought we were going to get lights... and I had almost put them away for next year since I thought we had given up on the light search, anyway we only had 100 clips and with the four strands there were 280 lights so we put a clip every third light... (which didn't give me my 'perfection look' but we'll work on that next year when we can afford more clips, hee hee)
Okay there is more to this story, we got the four boxes all switched so they alternated red and white (oh btw they are LED so we're saving $ and energy). So we get outside and start getting them up and figured we'd just go along the front and up the sides of the roof. So we do the right side first and get about halfway up the part that is slanted toward the top and it was getting difficult and HIGH to get them hooked on the roof. So we just decided to put up the two strands in front of the house and not deal with going up the sides since two strands covered the front... but it does look a little off sided as you can see in this picture.
christmas lights dark outside

Here are the views close up in day & night:
christmas lights night
christmas lights day

So now knowing what we didn't know before, we have enough clips to do more than every third light... but we'll work on that next year. Also to avoid that jumble right where the light fixture is I say next year we get like a 8" extension thing and move the start/finish of the lines a little to the left... causing the left side to run up a little farther on the roof and it will look more even with the other side.... Hey we're new homeowners... it takes practice :0)

(UPDATED REAL STORY!!! a few days after getting the lights up in the freezing cold, one strand burned out... well it was impossible trying to get it to work. And we weren't really happy with them either since they weren't the alternating red and white that I wanted, so we put the bulbs back to the way they were and took them back to Menards... which happens a lot, we're always returned the cheaply made crap to Menards... anyway I was very discouraged that I wasn't going to find the kind of lights I wanted. But one lunch break I went to Target with my co-worker and there they were... alternating red and white bulbs!!!!!! I was so extactic! I bought them and put them up that night in negative 6 degree weather... brrrrrr.)

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