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Hawaii Day 6: Saturday Snorkeling and Sunbathing

Saturday was our final full day on the island. I had dreams of 'running everyday in Hawaii' but between the jet lag, the head cold, and an injury I was nursing from mid-december it didn't happen. But Kyle and I made it happen our second to last day! It felt good!! 

Once we got back to the condo we convinced the kids to come out to th beach with us so we could try and snorkel out to see the turtles. It was our last chance... and I also realized even though my water camera LCD was broken it still sounded like it was taking pictures so I brought it along just in case. These are the photos I got with it! 

As soon as I stuck my head in the water I saw this large trumpeter fish! I couldn't believe it was right under me, I then stood up and my feet in the sand scared him off. 

We snorkeled around a bit, but it wasn't very clear, Kyle and Emma went out closer to the rock's edge but I don't think they saw any turtles. 

We rapped up at our condo beach and headed south to check out a new beach. This time we went to another black sand beach... but it was more like salt & pepper. It wasn't the rich black rocks like we saw on the Hana side of the island. 

This beach was called Oneuli Beach and was just north of Makena State Park. The area in the water wasn't great for swimming, it was a big rock and would better be served for snorkeling. We could see Molokini pretty well from here. 

Mary loved playing in the sand. While the others enjoyed the boogie boards. We didn't last long at this beach, they were getting their feet banged up on the rocks. 

A couple of goals before we left the island: Emma wanted to drink out of a coconut: CHECK! 

And Kyle wanted to try the MaiTai from Monkey Pod that we learned about at the distillery. So we went back to MonkeyPod (a different one from the first one we went to, this one was in Wailea) for lunch. 

Next we found another beach in Wailea, this one had hidden parking but we were specifically wanting one with a shower and bathrooms cuz we kept getting the van a sandy mess. This was a really nice beach and we spent the rest of the afternoon there. This one was called Ulna Beach. 


As you can see Mary spent most of the time playing in the sand. Kyle and I took turns swimming with the kids, I borrowed Thomas's goggles at one point, looked down into the water to see a HUGE sea turtle swim under me!!!! I couldn't believe it, there was a group that were following him as he went from one rocky edge to the other. So cool!

Mary was finding these snails and making a home for them. 

We beached hard on our final full day, left as the sun began to set. Went back to the condo to wash up and change then went to a little pizza place for dinner that evening. 


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